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Before and After School Enrichment

Before and Afterschool Enrichment

Warwick Child Care Centers provides before- and after-school enrichment programs in our own centers and include transportation to and from local schools. The programs serve school-age children, up to 12 years old.
Each month's activities are based on an overall theme and detailed lesson plans on each them are created by the classroom's lead teacher. 
In our School-Age Enrichment Program, children arrive at a center in the morning before school and can take part in various self-directed activities.
Warwick will provide breakfast to before school children who arrive by 7:30 AM.  
At the end of the morning sessions, children are transported to the local elementary schools for school.
In the after-school portion of the program, activities are designed to allow children to stretch their muscles after a long, hard day's work at school.
Homework support is built into each daily schedule. This support, however, is optional. If you want your child to work on homework at Warwick Child Care Center, help is available. But you can also request homework be saved for later.
Children in the after-school enrichment program are provided with a healthy snack upon arrival at the center.
Full-day enrichment programs are also available when children are off from school on select school holidays, in-service days and weather related closings.
On days when children are off from school and will be in the enrichment program for the entire day, Warwick Child Care will provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. 
All-day care should be arranged in advance with the Business Director for each center and may carry with it additional fees.