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Young Toddlers (12 to 24 months)

Warwick Child Care young toddler teachers understand a toddler’s need for independence as well as their need to have an adult close by in case they need assistance. Our teachers provide a safe environment for toddlers to develop and express their imagination and creative potential.


Our goals for our Young Toddler class are:

To provide daily opportunities for exploration of their surroundings through safe indoor and outdoor experiences

To explore and learn about their own world through sensory development

To encourage and strengthen verbal skills through fantasy play, nursery rhymes, one-on-one conversations, music, fingerplays, and stories

To ensure social and emotional awareness by expanding on their feelings and perceptions

Understanding their need for solitary and parallel play, while encouraging sharing

Physical skills by marching, ball play, riding toys, jumping, climbing, and sliding boards

Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads, and shape sorting toys

To encourage creativity and promote thinking skills by providing open-ended art activities on a daily basis