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Older Toddlers (24 to 36 Months)

Warwick Child Care understands this age group's need for independent explorations, acting primarily as a guide and facilitator. Our teachers create an atmosphere of acceptance by validating each child's efforts and thereby, enhancing his or her self-esteem.

Our goals for our Older Toddler class are:

Cognitive development by matching colors, shapes, and objects, by understanding quantity, and by fitting objects together

Social-emotional development by presenting opportunities to engage in parallel play

Fine motor development through puzzles, lacing, buttons, and block play

To provide opportunities to strengthen their newly developed self-help skills

Develop physical skills through marching, running, hopping, jumping, and ball play

Intellectual stimulation through identifying, sorting, and classifying objects

Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads, and shape sorting toys

Art activities offer opportunities to enhance skills through a variety of materials including coloring, gluing, finger-painting, cutting, and much more

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