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Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

Warwick Child Care provides a loving and nurturing environment for infants. Our teachers provide the infants with many opportunities for a variety of experiences through observation, interaction, and exploration. We believe warm, positive relationships with adults are critical in developing an infant's sense of trust and healthy self-esteem.

Our goals for our Infant class are:

To provide a warm, secure environment through patience and loving care

To enhance physical and spatial awareness through reaching and grasping toys, crawling, rolling over, pulling oneself up, and eventually, walking

Communication through simple language, verbalization of actions, gestures, laughter, and numerous facial expressions

To provide a wealth of sensory experiences through contrasting colors, textures, and designs

Gentle, supportive responses to encourage and expand the infant's verbal and nonverbal communication skills

Positive, soothing interactions with others to foster both social and emotional growth

To change the focus of play during the day such as being held, being in a swing, and being on the floor to give infants different perspectives on the world around them, including both indoor and outdoor play

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