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Job Requirements

Job Specifications:
    1. Submit the following required by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare within 10 days of 
        hire date:
        a. Current physical exam with Mantoux TB test. Physical is at your expense. Physical will be due 
            every other year there after. Mantoux TB test only required at time of hire.
        b. State Police and Child Abuse Clearances-$10.00 processing fee, FBI Clearance - $36.00 
            processing fee. The clearances will be processed through Warwick Child Care Center, Inc. and 
            the cost will be withheld from your first three (3) paychecks with the payroll deductions of 
            $20.00 the first two paychecks and $16.00 the third paycheck. Prior clearances are acceptable if 
            they are dated within one year of your hire date. 
        c. Two forms of identification.
        d. Copy of High School Diploma and/or College Transcript for all college credits earned. 
        e. Two letters of reference.
        f. Additional Warwick Child Care Center paperwork.
    2. Mandatory Trainings/Meetings:
        Employees are compensated for their time in attendance at the following trainings.
        a. Attend New Employee Orientation to receive Personnel Manual, Curriculum Manual, and required
            State and Warwick Child Care Center paperwork. Begin to complete required 
paperwork at this  
        b. Attend Keystone STARS training and Professional Development Record (PDR) training.
        c. Attend Pediatric First Aide training which is offered quarterly by Warwick Child Care Center, Inc. 
        d. Attend mandatory monthly evening staff meetings.
        e. Obtain 24 professional development hours yearly, twelve (12) of which are provided through two (2) 
            mandatory professional development days.
        f. Attend mandatory Fire Safety training annually.
        g. Complete New Staff Orientation within 90 days of your hire date.

    Additional Requirements for all Lead Teachers:
        h. Attend Lesson Plan training.
        i. Attend Work Sampling or Ounce Training
        j. Attend Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) training
        k. Attend Ages/Stages Training
        l. Participate in and attend all planned parent events including, but not limited to, parent conferences,
           holiday open house, grandparents’ day, fall Back to School night, etc.
        m. Attend trainings on additional new curriculum programs implemented throughout the year.
    3. Monthly/ Annual Requirements
        a. Submit two (2) professional growth and development activities annually.
        b. Attend all required Keystone STARS training annually.
        c. Observe children and write monthly observations.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
     1. Knowledge and experience working with children.
     2. Knowledge of safety issues concerning children.
     3. Knowledge of children illnesses.
     4. The ability to be patient with children and adults.
     5. Skills in time management.
     6. Skills in remaining calm under pressure.
     7. Ability to be flexible with children’s routines and daily schedules.
     8. Ability to work with children of diverse backgrounds, special needs, illnesses and challenging 
     9. Ability to react and move quickly.
    10. Ability to perform emergency duties as the need arises.
    11. Ability to get along with co-workers.
    12. Be flexible in working with different age groups.
    13. Ability to lift, push and carry 40 lbs., sit in a chair or on the floor for 30 minutes and stand for a  
         minimum of one hour.
    14. Ability to use, both hands, all fingers on both hands, and have use of both legs, be able to walk 500  
         feet and go up/down steps/ramps.
    15. Ability to perform #14 while supervising children.
    16. Have near and far vision correctable and depth perception.
    17. Ability to hear all types of sounds.
    18. Ability to read stories to the children.
    19.Be perceptive and aware of all children in your care at all times.
    20. Ability to communicate with parents without being offensive, angry, or defensive.
    21. Ability to promptly and professionally communicate with the Director any concerns with the center,
        employees, children, and/or parents. 
    22. Ability to use the computerto punch in and out at the designated time.
    23. Ability to perform daily job duties with no direct supervision or assistance.
    24. Ability to play and have fun with children.
    25. Ability to be flexible when “teachable moments” occur.
    26. Ability to plan and prioritize work and time.
    27. Be able to work in all types of environments:
        a. Inside
        b. Outside, three (3) times daily with outside temperatures 25 degrees and higher, in sun, snow, 
            and/or wind.
        c. Office, classroom, kitchen, van/buses and field trips.
        d. Slippery or uneven working surfaces.
        e. Working around moving objects.
        f. Noise tolerance.